27 Juni 2012

Desain.ID 2012 Presents HDII Award The Ultimate Award in Interior Design

Desain.ID 2012 Presents HDII Award The Ultimate Award in Interior Design
Jakarta, 27 June 2012 – Indonesian Society of Interior Designers (Himpunan Desainer Interior Indonesia, HDII) again will hold the most prestigious exhibition for the countrys interior design players, Desain.ID 2012 exhibition. The event will take place at Jakarta Convention Center from 5 to 8 September, 2012. Carrying the theme of “Cosmic: Design in Extra – Ordinary Means,” the theme depicts how technology successfully bridge the limitations between virtual and real world, between tangible and intangible.

Desain.ID is the place where Indonesian interior designers get together and is the perfect momentum to show the role of interior design toward the development of the countrys creative industry. This years Desain.ID exhibition will be more special because it is chosen as the place to announce the winner of HDII Award, the ultimate and prestigious award for Indonesian interior designers, and is HDIIs biennial agenda. “The award is the place to cater designers creativity, that challenges professional interior designers to present their best design, specially crafted in a creative, communicative and persuasive style,” said Rica Jumaira Ishak, Chairman HDII Award & Competition 2012.

Rica Jumaira added that the goal of the award is to expose interior designs of HDIIs member to a wider audience, regionally and internationally, encouraging them to produce more innovative works in a competitive environment, and demonstrate the capability of Indonesian interior designers in the highly competitive global competition.

The award, which will be held for the third time, will present six categories namely Residential (homes, villas, apartments, cottages, guest houses); Work Place/Public Institution (government institution, school, universities, places of worship, museums); Retail Shop/Workshop (shops, boutiques, salons or spas, restaurants, café or lounges), Commercial Area (airports, private offices/companies), Hotels/Hospitalities (hotels, motels, inn, bed and breakfast); and Health Care (hospitals, clinics).

The submission of designs for the competition is from June 4th to July 31st 2012. The designs will be assessed by a panel of international jury that consist of Jooyun Kim, Chairman of Korean Society of Interior Designers (KOSID); Ronnie Choong, Executive Board Member of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID); and Horace Pan, Former Chairman of Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) and Executive Board Member of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers. The assessment will be conducted on August and winner announcement will be held on September during the Desain.ID 2012 exhibition. The winner of HDII Award 2012 will have the design displayed during the exhibition.

The competition is open for all interior designers anywhere, Indonesian or foreign designers; the designs can have various width of the floor/land or the value of the project; the designs can also have various style and trend; the designs can be a work of an individual or a team led by member of HDII; the designs are finish or final designs and commenced between 2008 – 2012; and the designs submitted can be published to HDII society or the public.     

Interior Design Students Final Project Competition 2012  
HDII also conducts Interior Design Students Final Project Competition 2012, as part of HDII Award 2012 event series, with the goal to enhance the creativity of the countrys potential interior designers. The submission period and the jury for this competition is the same as the HDII Award 2012. The competition provides a good opportunity for interior design students to demonstrate their quality and their best design. Winner of this competition will also have their design displayed during the Desain.ID 2012 exhibition along with designs from the countrys renowned professional designers.

There are five categories in the Interior Design Students Final Project Competition 2012 which are Most Favorite, Most Innovative, Most Ethnic, Most Functional and Most Green. The competition not only offers students the chance to show their designs during the prestigious design event in Indonesia, it also offers various prizes such as iPad 3, iPhone 4S, digital camera (under water), holiday package to Bali and holiday package to Singapore. 

The competition is open for students from every college and universities. Participants are required to send their top 3 – 5 designs to represent their institutions. The requirements for the competition are: the designs must be an original design and have never been submitted to any competition, demonstrate prevailing design aspects (ergonomic, comfort and others), submit the concept and the design in English along with the blueprint, colored, 3D and color scheme in a CD.

Amita Murahani, Trade Fairs Division Manager Dyandra Promosindo said the awarding night of HDII Award 2012 and Interior Design Students Final Project Competition 2012 at the Desain.ID 2012 will enliven the exhibition. “As the biggest interior design event in Indonesia, we are hoping Desain.ID 2012 will be an event that is filled with the latest information and knowledge on the development of interior design in Indonesia,” added Amita.  

HDIIs Involvement in National and International Organizations 
In domestic scope, HDII is a member of Construction Service Development Board and in international scope; HDII is a member of Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA). Desain.ID 2012 is enlisted in the APSDA international event schedule. HDII is also a member of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designer (IFI).

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Event's Detail

Name of Event
Desain.ID 2012
Cosmic: Design in Extra – Ordinary Means
5 - 8 September 2012
Opening Hours
10.00 – 21.00 wib
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto
Jakarta 10270, Indonesia


Single Entrance (1-Day Ticket) :
IDR 15.000,-
Multiple Entrance (4-Days Ticket ) :
IDR 30.000,-

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